Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What in the world?

So this was my first response when introduced to blogs. Sure, I had run across blogs on internet searches, but I ignored them as unreliable sources of information (do a search on any search engine for fibromyalgia and you will understand; I doubt Star, age 19, from Can Do, North Dakota, who works as a casino drink server on the local Native American reservation can augment my knowledge regarding the subject). I mean really, what use does a blog serve for a middle-aged physician in rural America with limited free time? It wasn't until my wife introduced me to some of her favorite blogs and subsequently started her own blog ( that I took interest. Thus, I decided to start this blog, not as a source of medical information per se, but rather as a source of communication, humor, insights, and thoughts for my friends and family. I thus hope this blog makes you ponder, laugh, smile, and even wonder "Is he alright? Does he need some counselling?" (don't worry, I'm already there - this is part of my quack's therapy requirements). Read on and enjoy.
Disclaimer: Due to the graphic nature of the medical profession, it is recommended that you not eat while or within 30 minutes of reading this blog or if you are squimish or in the first trimester of pregnancy, unless you are bulimic, which if you are, maybe some of these stories will help you achieve your end goal.
Disclaimer 2: Bulimia is not a medically recommended method of weight loss.

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